Nick Mankey Designs

Simple in Function. Solid in Form. Smart in Design.

Nick Mankey

A man who lives to create, not regurgitate; Following a war-torn path of trial and error, Nick takes on a very personal responsibility to push the role of leather goods and graphic design in the modern world. Anything less than original can be found elsewhere.

At a time in society when "ending rather than mending" seems to be the main theme of our material culture, Nick also believes that life is best lived when you can count on thoughtfully handcrafted items to endure the hardships of life at least as long as you do.

Core Design Philosophy

Simple in Function: Life is tricky, your gear shouldn't be.

Solid in Form: Life is tough, your gear should be tougher.

Smart in Design: Life is unfair, your gear should even the odds.


These are qualities you can expect from all goods & services offered right here, from Nick Mankey Designs.

Nick has been working professionally as a graphic designer, photographer, and branding consultant for three years, and is currently serving as the head media manager for a vintage motorcycle shop in San Jose, CA.

When he’s not spending untold amounts of time designing and making things, he’s most likely out riding his Triumph.


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