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Nick Mankey

Original Goods for Original People; A phrase that quickly became the mantra of this handmade endeavor back in the summer of 2014 when I bought myself a basic set of tools as a birthday gift. Bummed at the price of basic, retail leather goods and the insufferable quality therein, I gave leather crafting a shot and fell head over heels with the design and construction process of leather work.

In the same way that the airplane was not invented by people in search of fortune, but by passionate men that just wanted to fly, so too are my ambitions to build magnificent things here at NMD; To create unique, affordable items that everyone can enjoy for the long road that is 'life'.

Core Design Philosophy

Simple in Function: Life is tricky, your gear shouldn't be.

Solid in Form: Life is tough, your gear should be tougher.

Smart in Design: Life is unfair, your gear should even the odds.


These are qualities you can expect from all goods & services offered right here, from Nick Mankey Designs.

As a former student of Architecture and Graphic Design, Nick has been working professionally as a graphic designer, photographer, and media manager for the past five years, and is now taking on his passion of crafting full-time out of Gilroy, CA.

When he’s not spending untold amounts of time designing and making things, he’s most likely petting his sweet pup Joy, ogling over his humble watch collection, or out riding his Triumph.


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