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Newly Added: Elastic Wallet #2 (AKA Matt Wallet)

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This past November, one of my dearest friends approached me with the type of request that every budding designer can only dream of: Free reign and a generous deadline. Adding to that, it was a gift for her husband-to-be on their wedding day, whom is also a great friend of mine. It felt special right from the beginning, and could not wait to get started.

In the coming months I developed a few ideas, only revolving around the loose notion that the design should be absolutely as minimal as possible, while able to carry heavy loads. A tall order in the wallet sector. But I was able to pull thoughts and materials from past projects, like my Sumo Wallet and Elasti-Clutch, and eventually landed on a sweet design that I found both sentimental and utilitarian all in one beautiful package. This was also my first real attempt at trying out a medium called Block Printing, where you essentially generate a stamp and apply it via ink (or dye, in this case) to a given material; Color me hooked.

All in all, I hope this piece serves them well. Now, for your viewing pleasure, the Matt Wallet:


And here is the build log for those interested. Enjoy!

How It's Made: Suede Leather Watch Roll

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For your informational viewing pleasure, I will start embedding all of my build links right here, just for you! I've always hosted my photo-journals through, and greatly enjoy the community over there. So, be sure to check out the rest of my former logs found from my profile page here and get a behind the scenes look at how all the madness comes together.

Earlier this week I released my luxurious Suede Leather Watch Roll for public consumption, and thought it might prove interesting for some to see how it came to life. So, without further adieu, this week's build log!