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Newly Added: Ruler Strap + Draft Pad

Nick MankeyComment

Been on a bit of a streak with the smaller items these days, but they're no less derived from a personal point of utility and a ceaseless desire to make life just a little bit better.

As you could imagine, I do a lot of drafting / design work, and was tired of being caught without a ruler at critical times (pun intended). So I made this! A laser-cut, NATO-style watch strap with inch and centimeter marks that run 9-5/8" and 25cm in respective length. Closure style is just one solid brass stud, no buckle necessary.

And on account of my outrageously bad memory, I am a frequent user of notepads, and often find them disintegrating in my pockets after no time at all. So, I took up another quick project and retrofitted my well-used Rite in the Rain notepad with two slabs of beautiful 4 oz veg tan leather to give the well-deserving tool a major upgrade in both appearance and function.

Here are the photojournals of the process. Enjoy!