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Reintroducing: The Belt Rig v2

Nick MankeyComment

One of my all-time favorite designs is now being brought back to the shop here at NMD Headquarters- and better than ever. Having originally derived from a prototype design I worked on for my brother over a year ago, the v2 was the natural evolution in the Belt Rig EDC (Every Day Carry) line. The concept was simple, carry all of your daily tools in one solid place. And this was my answer (doesn't hurt that it looks rad too).

Completely handmade from solid pieces of 2mm thick Veg Tan leather, powder coated steel chicago screws, brass snaps, Kydex reinforcement (now updgraded to Delrin), and a Boker Tek-Lok as the belt attachment system, this thing means business.

In light of garnering new technology not originally available during its conception that has made the process much more efficient, it is a design that is now able to accommodate the precision of a CNC laser cutter, for a process that I call "laser-guided leather-craft". Instead of taking the lazier, dirtier, smellier method of fully cutting out pieces of leather after 30 minutes of continuous blasting from 40W of concentrated energy, I simply use the 2-axis laser to precision etch out the pattern to the topmost surface of the hide to then hand cut with my various blades. This also allows for any personal engraving to take place during the process. But in the end, what you get are unquestionably perfect shapes of leather with all the beauty and control of a hand-cut, raw edge. Alternatively, an acrylic pattern can be lasered out to trace and cut around as well (just less fun, because who doesn't like playing with lasers?). The Delrin reinforcement plate is now produced using the surgical accuracy of a laser too, for tighter tolerances and the sake of my lungs in not having to shave Kydex down to shape.

The Belt Rig v2 will be fully custom made to order based on each user's EDC gear, although the standard dimensions play very well with most of the common Leatherman models, Torches, and Pens. The design has also been modified slightly (longer front pull tab for the Leatherman slot, and the extra holes removed), and it will continue to improve as I see fit. But just know that you'll always receive the latest edition possible upon ordering.

What's better? You can build yours here, right now!