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Shop Update / Newly Added: The Bob Tote + Build Log

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I doubt many read these, but I should really just get better about posting here more often, if not for my own benefit. But it's sure been a hot minute. That said, it's high time I share some rather exciting goings-on that have taken place around here in recent days!


First things first, I'm proud to announce my newest employee, Larry 2.0! (the laser- roommate Jacob for scale) 

larry 1 and 2.jpg

There was a bit of a rough patch in setting up the 50W behemoth and working my vector files over for compatibility, but he's playing very nicely with the rest of the shop now. Larry 2.0 is manageable as he is efficient with his work, which makes everyone happy! (I had more to say, but all my text got deleted somehow and I just can't be bothered to rewrite it all amidst my fuming anger :) ) But RIP Larry 1.0, may your rays shine bright and cut swiftly in Lazor heaven <3.

RIP My Inbox

Now, for the uninitiated, Reddit + Imgur are my go-to hosts for all the build logs that I've made. And just like any other post, I don't expect too much upon initial release of the one I was putting together exactly one week ago today; Perhaps a few witty jokes, overly critical comments, and general acknowledgement that I'd done a neat thing. But I couldn't have been more wrong. Project: Bob Tote went viral. Within 48 hours, the Imgur album gained 600,000 unique visits, earned ~1,000 comments (mostly birthday wishes), and received 30,000+ Reddit upvotes! That's enough to place my project near the current TOP TEN OF ALL TIME r/DIY posts, a community of fellow makers going about 13,000,000 members strong. A firm pat on my own back was swiftly administered following that discovery. And I'm just now summiting the pile of work that came my way as a result! 

But what's more important is the fact that it quickly became a monument to Bob's greatness as a business owner and human being on his 78th birthday. This one's for you, Bob.


The Story

My boss, Bob, is one of the most humble, honest, and honorable people I'll probably ever meet. Today is his 78th birthday, and still works harder than any of us, 6 days a week. Every day he will carry in some old ratty bag that contains his prized dark chocolate bar of the day (which he shares with all of us), various fruits, snacks, lists, and other general items. For his birthday, we thought it was about time that such a distinguished gentleman should have a bag of his equal. But, I only had one day's notice about the idea, so for five hours straight after rushing home last night I got to work on what I respectfully call "The Bob Tote", and photojournaled the process as I went along to share with you fine folk. So here it is! Enjoy :)

From Iceland With Love

And last but CERTAINLY not least, I'm engaged! Can't wait to see where life takes Brianna and I in the years to come :) 

20170820_133910 (1).jpg

'Til next time! Stay tuned for some exciting product developments in the near future ;)

- Nick