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After having finally recovered from what has become the glorious, annual, Holiday-themed binge-fest, I am falling happily back into the swing of things this new year. And of course with a new year, comes new beginnings! That said, here's what I've been up to:

Since my addiction to making things began, I just can't help myself when it comes to gifting things; If I'm not making something for the special people in my life, then I'd have to question if they're really that special. However, most everyone I hang around tends to get something special from my humble workshop. And here's a sampling of how that went this past year:

One watch roll, one mousepad, one cable wrap, one clutch, two journals, two sunglass cases, one Wine Ruck (super cool), and three cup sleeves (ok, a few were projects that I'd helped a friend build, but who's counting? :P ); Yea, it was a pretty busy week leading up to the 25th, but nothing makes me happier than those stunned smiles when they meet their one-of-a-kind gift. A smile that just can't be bought- to me at least :)

I'll be posting each of these things in my showcase soon, and full photo tutorials on how to make each of them as well, for those interested. So stay tuned for those!

I will also be posting a few items to my brand spanking new Web Shop, including my latest and greatest creation, the Wine Ruck; The handy wine accessory you never knew you wanted. But I've spent a lot of time making sure everything is just right in your NMDesigns shopping experience, and can't wait to start fulfilling both mine and your wildest dreams. So, hang around, poke about, and check back soon for more design developments!