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Now Selling on Amazon Handmade!

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I had recently come across a few listing during one of my many Amazon binges that were in their "Handmade" department. This was an area I was none too familiar with, but one I figured I should at least try to be apart of. So, as a bout of pure curiosity, I submitted my rather lengthy application for admission into their seemingly exclusive program. A place for artisans to share the same space as retailers; I figured, why not?

Lo and behold, I was accepted not but a few days later! A few of my most popular shop items are now being found by (hopefully) millions of people, and I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity.

I'll be sure to post my thoughts here regarding the adventures of my little corner workshop in the grand online market as I go along :)

For those interested, you can find my Amazon Shop here.


- NM